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Ruby Modelling Company

The Ruby Models Company is a children’s modelling company with vast experience in handling the sweet process of bringing to the fore the desire of all aspiring young models in and around the world. 

We work through various diversities to collaborate with Advertisers, Advertising Companies, Fashion Show Outfits, NGOs, and all relevant stakeholders. We showcase inherent talents through production of jingles, hypes, voice-over, commercial ads, photographic contents. We present best and uniquely talented Children to display talents on various platforms (international fashion shows, concerts, talent hunts, TV/Radio presentations, representations etc.)

We help to build your children’s confidence over and above their talents because that is the greatest gift you could ever give them. We collaborate to achieve more.

Our Vision

to earn lifetime loyalty of our clients by consistently delivering value propositions and meeting their expectations across all our high performing services.

Our Mission

To discover, nurture and grow talents in young generation for a better world.

Our Core Values


Being honest and having strong moral principles being whole and undivided.


Building self esteem, developing positive working values at young age , honesty and showing solidarity.


Being accountable, open in all dealings, stewardship and probable.


Being consistent in recording results towards targeted goals and celebrating good achievements.


Continually improving, exceeding goals and objectives and developing exceptional skills and capabilities.


Being mindful of all, showing ultimate caring position, sharing mutual desires to exceed the limit, celebrate passed achievements.


Being strategically positioned for opportunities, driven by creativity and championing change.

Our Brand Positioning

We want to be known as professional, smart, trendy, classy, technologically – switched on, friendly, happy customer -friendly and service-oriented company.

Our Philosophy

We fully utilize individual potentials.

The No. 1 Children Modelling Agency

We help to build your children’s confident over and above their talents because that is the greatest gift you could ever give them. We collaborate to achieve more.

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